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Community Partnership


What is the community partnership with Beloved Wellness Center and the ELCA Outreach Center in Kenosha? 

Our mind has a tendency to think about multiple things all at once resulting in overthinking, low self-esteem, sleep problems, or issues with the people around us. The more time these issues or concerns go unresolved, the more likely you are to feel stressed and overwhelmed. This is where individual counseling services comes in at Beloved Wellness Center in Kenosha to help individuals navigate stressors and become the best version of themselves amid societal pressures, comparisons and distractions. 

How does the community partnership with Beloved Wellness Center and the ELCA Outreach Center in Kenosha work?

Family therapy or counseling is a form of psychotherapy aimed at helping people improve their relationship with themselves and interactions with others. Individual therapy services Kenosha includes a trained and licensed therapist talking to individuals about their personal concerns in a safe, private environment.


At Beloved Wellness Center we provide services virtually through teletherapy (also known as telehealth). The therapist has the training, experience and expertise to listen with empathy and unpack the challenges getting in the way of your life. With this expertise, a licensed therapist will explore, increase awareness and guide you towards identifying solutions to your issues. 

Individual therapy services in Kenosha takes a variety of pathways to explore and process different parts of your life while providing an outside, unbiased viewpoint towards personal growth. Sometimes, therapists may identify that your problems affecting your individual needs are rooted in childhood, trauma, abandonment, hurt from relationships and more. When trauma events impact our lives, people may experience emotional triggers causing us to think, feel and act a certain way that is unpleasant or unwanted.


An individual therapist can help guide you towards becoming more balanced and in better control of your emotional and mental health. With necessary changes, you can live the life that's meaningful to you. 


Do I qualify for therapy services under Beloved Wellness Center and the ELCA Outreach Center in Kenosha?

Whether you are single, dating, married, teen girl or adult female/woman, you can benefit from individual therapy. Individual therapy services at Beloved Wellness Center can be beneficial if you are seeking a Black female/woman therapist. If your life issues are causing you not to feel happy, secure or confident, individual therapy can help you work through these barriers using solution-based strategies that can be applied to many situations. 

With the help of therapist at Beloved Wellness Center in Kenosha, you will learn more about yourself and what you need to feel seen, supported and psychologically safe individually or in various types of relationships. Overall, the therapist will help you identify tools and techniques to prevent backsliding into the thoughts and behaviors from an earlier stage of your journey. 

We focus on the concepts of feeling seen, supported and safe to elevate the voices and affirm the experiences of Black females/women and teen girls due to the following reasons:

1. To feel seen offers the world an understanding of your worldviews which contributes to a sense of self and belonging. 

2. To feel supported offers a sense of security and stability without the threat of being judged or stigmatized as life ebbs and flows.

3. To feel safe,  physically and emotionally, offers an opportunity to be vulnerable and grow. 

What if I'm a Black woman or teen girl looking for family therapy services at Beloved Wellness Center?

Research shows that when individual therapy clients can relate to their therapist on a number loves specifically culturally and ethnically, they have a greater chance of feeling connected and understood. Dr. Dominique Pritchett, PsyD, LCSW, the owner created Beloved Wellness Center in Kenosha with Black females/women and teen girls in mind. She will look at many events throughout your childhood and life to guide you towards realistic solutions. 

Individual therapy can enhance how you see yourself as a person in a large world. This enhanced insight can help you make better decisions, improve self-care habits, learn to self-advocate or speak up for yourself, set better boundaries, learn to be comfortable with yourself or communicate your feelings and needs without fear or guilt. 

Would you believe that individual therapy services can be used when things are stable? Well, many Black females/women and teen girls seek therapy for an added layer of support such as making a big decision or situational stressor. 

What to expect when seeking therapy services at Beloved Wellness Center in Kenosha?

Think of individual therapy services at Beloved Wellness Center as a space to start putting pieces of a puzzle together to help you start, evolve or grow on your wellness journey. As a trained and licensed individual and family therapist, Dr. Dominique will invite you to share what motivated you to schedule the appointment, your concerns, areas you want to focus on, relevant goals and hopes from individual therapy. We will develop a plan together to help you work through these goals and will check in over the course of therapy services to review your progress. 


Dr. Dominique uses her expertise to ask meaningful questions without taking over to guide you towards self-discovery and solutions to work towards your goals or the focus for the session. We will have a series of sessions and no specific number can be guaranteed. During sessions, we may work on areas such as unproductive thoughts, problematic behaviors, fears, trauma responses, and communication challenges.


If you're ready to start your family therapy process at Beloved Wellness Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin, click HERE

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