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Beloved Wellness Center Kenosha

Beloved Wellness Center Kenosha is a private mental health practice offering online therapy services. Our services are curated for Black women and girls who deserve a space to be curious, explore change or difference, and take steps towards their goals. 


Beloved Wellness Center's mission is to empower people to liberate their wellness. 


Our vision is to create opportunities to address health disparities and inequities.


Our focus is on quality of care and service to our clients through:

  • Commitment to providing services with the highest level of integrity.

  • Compassion towards the individuals, families and communities we serve.

  • Cultural sensitivity, humility and safety while embracing everyone's unique differences.

  • Creativity in finding ways to maximize resilience.

  • Collaboration with the client, family and community partners to facilitate treatment. 

  • Consistency in doing what we say we will do. 

  • Challenging the norm by offering services in a manner that are relevant and relatable. 

  • Changing the narrative around well-being and belonging.

Benefits of Beloved Wellness Center Therapy

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Reclaimed Voice
Learn how to apply your resilience to elevate your voice

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Resolved Conflict
Practice tools and techniques to improve communication skills

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Realigned Relationships
Develop ways to build and sustain meaningful relationships

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Redefined Worth
Explore barriers and solutions to build and maintain confidence 

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Regulated Emotions
Learn skills to manage your emotions in a mature, safe way

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Refreshed Values
Strengthen your ideas, beliefs and patterns to navigate the world 

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