Payment Methods 

We accept self-pay (out-of-pocket), few insurances, and EAPs 


Requesting an Appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please click here to complete a pre-screen intake form.


Please allow 24-72 business hours for your pre-screen intake form to be reviewed and a possible appointment offered. You may receive a 5-10 minute free phone call to clarify information and be sure you are an appropriate match with your provider.

Self-Pay Rates (Updated January 1, 2021. Rates may change without notice to the public.)

Our service rates and corresponding billing codes (numbers starting with ‘90’ refer to mental health services) is not a comprehensive list and reflects the most common services delivered by mental health providers within this agency. Additional codes may be used when appropriate. Your provider may have other codes to specify services within the agency. If you are using insurance, your provider will have a contractual fee agreement with that company which will likely differ from below. Your initial evaluation will need to be paid in full at the time of scheduling and follow-up sessions are to be paid on the date of service. These fees may change without notice to the public. Active clients will be informed with at-least a 30 days notice. 

  • 90791 Initial Evaluation (60 minutes): $200

  • 90837 Individual psychotherapy (60 minutes): $175

  • 90834 Individual psychotherapy (45 minutes): $150

  • 90832 Individual psychotherapy (30 minutes): $125

  • 90847 Family/couples psychotherapy, with client present (50 minutes): $200

  • 90846 Family/couples psychotherapy, without client present (50 minutes): $175

  • 90853 Group psychotherapy (60-90 minutes, over age 18): $50-$75 per client

  • 90853 Group psychotherapy (60-90 minutes, under age 18): $25-$50 per client

  • Specialized group psychotherapy (60-90 minutes): $100 per client

  • Specialized assessment: starting at $300


Reduced Fee: Only upon request, 15% off full cost of service (initial evaluations, 60 minute sessions, assessments, family sessions and group psychotherapy not included). You do not need to show verification. You do not qualify for a reduced fee if you're using insurance. Some insurances may allow you to opt-out of using your insurance benefits and an agreement will need to be signed. 

"In-Network" Insurances/Programs (At this time, we are not accepting Medicaid or Medicare. There may be a limit to the number of insurance or supportive program clients accepted regardless of your provider being in-network.):

  • Aetna

  • Aetna EAP

  • Anthem/UniCare EAP

  • Empathia/Life Matters EAP

  • Lyra EAP

  • Network Health

  • Open Path: To register, click here


  • United Health Care/United Behavioral Health/Optum

If you are choosing to use your insurance benefits, here are helpful questions to ask your insurance company before calling for a consultation with us. You will need to submit proof of your insurance benefits once accepted as a client.

  • Do I have a deductible?

    • If yes, how much is the deductible?

    • If yes, have I met my deductible?

  • If I have not met my deductible, how long will I need to self-pay (out-of-pocket) before my insurance starts paying their portion to the provider?

  • Will my insurance continue to approve and pay for teletherapy sessions?

  • What is my insurance company's procedure for submitting superbills (statements for reimbursement)?

If you're unsure if we accept your insurance plan, please contact us to verify.​ You are responsible for knowing your benefits.  

"Out-of-Network" Insurances:

If you are using out of network (meaning your insurance plan is not accepted by the agency or provider), you can pay the full service rate at the time of the appointment and our office can electronically issue a monthly superbill (statement for reimbursement) via your confidential portal. Then, you will submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement. This agency will not take responsibility for you negotiating a settlement with your insurance on a disputed claim or unpaid superbill. No exceptions.